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Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world. We have a large intranet that stores mission critical data and automates a number of previously labour-intensive tasks. We need your help to build new modules, support users, increase unit test coverage, and keep moving forward as new technologies mature. We have some unique technical challenges like providing fast page loads for people with achingly slow internet and electricity for only an hour a day on the good days. We use a modern tool chain (PHP7, vagrant, Bootstrap, phpUnit, composer) and are open to new ideas. Your work will be appreciated and used daily by 900+ people around the world. You should be an intermediate or senior PHP programmer, with broad industry awareness of supporting technologies. The work is a mixture of maintenance and new development in an interesting and supportive environment. Graphic design or server admin skills would be an added bonus. Help our organisation take a big leap forward by bringing your software and web skills to us.
Initially Posted: 09/02/2010
Last Updated: 02/20/2018

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