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This small hospital includes a small two-classroom schoolhouse on campus. The students are all expatriates and English is the primary language spoken in the classrooms. Typically, two educators share the duties of teaching the students, with one teacher focusing on the junior high school group (Grades 6-9) and the other focusing on the elementary school group (Grades K 1-4). Each teacher may be responsible for teaching three to four different grade levels. The total number of students in all grades is about 10. Curriculum is provided by the parents of the children, in cooperation with the input and advice of the educators. Key competencies for this job include the ability to handle multiple assignments and tasks at any given time and set vision and goals for the classroom. The qualified person will be able to take initiative and be creative in setting lesson plans. S/he will be flexible, able to work in a team environment and understand and work with those from other cultures. A teaching certificate is essential and experience preferred.
Initially Posted: 02/17/2012
Last Updated: 08/02/2017

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