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Refugee Worker

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This is an interdenominational group that works with refugees, treating each refugee with dignity, seeing them as an enrichment for us personally and for our nation. They want to show the refugees that they are welcome in this country and build bridges between them and the local people. There are currently two full-time workers and many volunteers (up to 80 active each week), many of whom are students. This means that there is constant change and so a longer-term worker would be valued. Goals: help with integration of refugees; support current programs and establish new ones; cultivate relationships particularly in Muslim and Yazidi communities; run house groups and services in different languages and cultural forms; provide discipleship. Requirements: intercultural experience; longer-term commitment; initiative; being a team player; being willing to learn German; being a servant, a learner, and hospitable; loving people.
Initially Posted: 04/05/2017
Last Updated: 01/04/2018

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