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Refugee Worker

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This interdenominational initiative aims to establish contacts between the inhabitants of the city and the refugees to help to break down prejudices, to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, to promote integration and to give practical help. Our monthly services are open to all visitors. We appreciate everybody, regardless of origin and religion. The services will be translated into different languages. Goals: help with the integration of refugees in this country; promote contacts between refugees and nationals; give practical help; support trauma relief; create opportunities so that refugees can live their Christian faith; train volunteers for work with refugees. Ministry can be developed according to personal strengths, e.g. cultural activities (art, music, drama?), traditional activities (Bible study groups, children?s clubs?), language courses in German, training seminars for those seeking to reach out to Muslims. Qualifications: intercultural experience; experience in evangelism; discipleship experience; knowledge of German language. Candidates should be relational, resilient to frustration, hospitable; they should love people and have the attitude of servants and learners.
Initially Posted: 04/05/2017
Last Updated: 01/04/2018

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