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This rural 150-bed hospital does nearly 4000 deliveries each year. The hospital has an active community health program and there are opportunities to be involved in research as well as clinical obstetrics. It is an integrated rural health and development program with extensive community work, and there are strong links between the community antenatal clinics and the hospital. An obstetrician is urgently needed for the hospital after the departure of a long-term senior obstetrician. The post includes a significant training component as national junior doctors are part of the team and come expecting postgraduate training. The hospital is nationally known for its training of nurse-midwives and community midwives as well as doctors. The existing obstetric team is about 50 per cent national and 50 per cent international doctors. A capacity-building attitude will be a daily necessity (sometimes it is easier to do it yourself than teach someone else), but the hospital is in a unique position for holistic ministry at a number of levels.
Initially Posted: 04/28/2009
Last Updated: 07/13/2018

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