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Medical Students

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This started as a community health and development project, expanded to include a hospital and now has training and research departments. Their wholistic health approach works for spiritual, physical, social and emotional transformation. Duties would include participation (under staff supervision) in all the daily activities of ward rounds, outpatient clinics, surgery and emergency calls. Participants would develop skills in history-taking (through available translation), physical examination, appropriate lab & x-ray evaluation and differential diagnoses in a rural hospital context, as well as common procedures, and would assist in surgeries when possible. There would be opportunity to study the diseases and conditions encountered each day, especially those endemic to developing countries, and, most importantly, be a model of Christian compassion in attitudes and actions toward patients and staff. Qualifying participants will be enrolled in the final year of an accredited medical school in their country of origin and have a personal commitment to Christ and a desire to be involved in advancing his kingdom.
Initially Posted: 05/28/2011
Last Updated: 03/14/2018

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