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Maths Teacher

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This small boarding school supports the educational needs of expatriate families serving in this and neighboring countries. Curriculum and methods are based on the American and European systems. The Mathematics teacher will teach all Mathematics courses to grades 7-12; prepare students for external subject-based exams (IGCSE; AP to 2018, A-levels from 2019) and college entrance exams (SAT); and teach other subjects as required by the school. It is desirable for teachers to offer a second subject as well as extra-curricular activities. Applicants need to be qualified, committed, dynamic, experienced, creative and highly motivated people who are called by God. They should have the personality and skills to motivate and inspire others, good organizational skills, and a personal Christian commitment. Other helpful qualities are flexibility, adaptability, willingness to learn and a sense of humour.
Initially Posted: 12/16/2015
Last Updated: 03/03/2018

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