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This interdenominational seminary has had a strong TEE component (Theological Education by Extension) since the early 1970s, with over 7000 students registered throughout the country and over 100 volunteer tutors. There have been 500 graduates of Bachelors and Masters level course work, accredited by the Asian Theological Association. The institution has a strong mix of foreign and national faculty, with a governing Council providing oversight by the affiliated organizations (missions and national church denominations). The need is for a consultant/trainer who can work with a national accountant, finance staff, and Executive Committee members of the Council who act as organizational Treasurer and advisors. The tasks would include training in budgeting and reporting, as well as project proposal writing. The hope is for financial reporting structures to be developed: a schedule, standard formats, forecasting, cash flow, disaggregating according to donor and affiliated organization requirements. There is a need to develop processes to track how designated donor funding is retained for those purposes and not used to cover immediate college needs. An ideal candidate would have proposal writing experience and could work with local staff to collate information needed to propose for operational funds, scholarships, and capital needs (e.g. media equipment, AC, room fans). An ideal candidate would have experience in less resourced settings. They would need diplomatic and training skills to work with persons of widely varying experience and capacity. They would have a vision for adapting Western best practices in financial management to the challenge of this particular context. It would be helpful to be motivated to gain an awareness of church and institutional politics, as the financial management mechanisms would need to be acceptable and accessible to a wide range of stakeholders.
Initially Posted: 07/24/2017
Last Updated: 07/24/2017

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