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Our International Office provides leadership and central support services to our people placed around the world. We need someone who can provide support for users accessing international information systems, and help them harden their devices against attack. You will provide role-specific training e.g. personnel roles need specialist training on the personnel functions of our intranet. You will help with pre-departure preparation: training and certifying users in safe behaviour; cleaning and certifying devices that will be used to access sensitive data. You will love working with people. You will have a cheerful nature, be a problem solver who is very comfortable with technology. You will be super-patient, even with people who have asked you the same question a dozen times and still messed it up. Our people are usually people-people, not systems-people. They need someone like you to help them with the tricky tech stuff they wish would just go away.
Initially Posted: 02/20/2018
Last Updated: 02/20/2018

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