Add Volunteer Opportunities to Your Church Website
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Add Volunteer Opportunities to Your Church Website

Below are the steps to adding your volunteer listings to your church's website. Your volunteer opportunity listings will update automatically as you change them on

Example of volunteer listings on church website
  1. Create a free account.
  2. Enter organization information after logging in.
  3. List Your Church's Outreach Volunteer Opportunities after entering organization information.
  4. Cut and paste "code" to your website manager to insert volunteer opportunities into your site.
    • This code appears at the bottom of your organization's profile page once you have added your organization information (step 2).
    • After you have inserted the code on your website, any changes you make to your volunteer opportunities on will automatically update on your site.
    • If you've done it correctly, you should have a page similar to:


  1. Provides a simplified way to manage all your church volunteer outreach opportunities without web design knowledge. Your updates to volunteer opportunities automatically get updated on your website.
  2. Provide one location on your church website where church members can find all your church volunteer outreach opportunities. You will receive E-mail notifications from those interested in your volunteer opportunities.
  3. Connect your church members with the largest directory of Christian volunteer opportunities on the Web.
  4. In the future, we will provide reporting capabilities to churches on the activities of their volunteers.